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17 November 2009
1- Geological Processes of Deltas and River Mouths.
2- Coastal Change Processes and Human Influence on Coasts.
3- Coastal Defense Restoration and Erosion Mitigation; Hard and Soft Solutions.
4- Coastal Modeling and Risk Management.
5- Coast and Beach Ecosystems.
6- Dune and Wetland Management.
7- Coastal Pollution; Contamination Control and Disaster Management.
8- Impact of Coastal Defense Systems on Ecology of the Coastal Zones.
9- Sustainable Construction Materials for Marine and Coastal Structures.
10- Impacts of Climate Changes and Adaptation Policies.
11- Sustainable Coastal Management and Human Influence on Coasts.
12- Case Studies; Major Deltas of the World and Low Land Coastlines.
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