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19 November 2009
1 Paper Size A4
2 Margins Left, top, bottom and right 1" (2.5cm/25mm)
3 Spacing Single line spacing, with a blank line between paragraphs
4 Font Times New Roman, with font size;
14 for the title (Boldface)
12 for the Author's Name/Author's Names (Boldface)
11 for the affiliation
12 for Abstract heading (Boldface)
12 for the caption of Figures and Tables
12 for the text and heading:
Main : Title in boldface
Subheadings: Title in Italics
Lower level heading: Italics with first letter capital
10 for the footnote
5 Title Page Please leave 5 blank lines from the top margin of the first page. Then write the title in the next line.
  Title Title case, bold and centered
The title should preferably be no more than 70 characters in length, including spaces between words and should be in capital LETTERS.
  Author Leave one line blank between the title of the paper and Author's name/Author's names. Leave two lines blank between the author (s) and abstract. Affiliation should consist of only the department and name of the organization, city, zip/postal code, state/province, country, and e-mail address. It should be cited in the footnote.
Author's names should be centered
  Abstract Abstract should be about 300 words
After abstract leave one line blank.
6 Headings & Text Headings: left justified bold.
Leave one line blank before and after heading. Each paragraph should be separated by one blank line without any indentation.
All text should be left and right justified, typed in a single column on one side of the paper.
Emphasized text (if any) should be written in italics.
Acknowledgements (if any) should be written after the conclusions.
No underlines or footnotes (except in the first page).
7 Equations Typed and numbered in sequence
Use equation editor.
Equation number in brackets right justified.
8 Figures & Tables Centered and numbered in sequence.
The caption of the table should be placed above and centered.
Leave one line blank before and after Table/Figures. The first letter of the caption should be in capital.
Figures and tables can be prepared using any graphics software. The final figures format should be JPG.
9 References pikavippi yhtiön perustaminen. Osakeyhtiön perustaminen. Each reference should be cited in the text by the last name (s) of the author (s) and the year of publication of the reference.
All references should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the text in the sequence in which they appear in the text according to the last name of the first named author.
Reference should include year of publication, full title, name of source, volume and page number.
References should be separated by one blank line.
10 Page numbers Page numbers should be inserted on bottom of page and centered in Times New Roman font size 10.
11 Maximum length The total number of pages is limited to 12 pages.
12 Forwarding Soft copy should be sent in one file as an attachment to the conference site
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