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21 November 2009
Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt (MWRI) is hosting this conference, in cooperation with other governmental institutions, through its Coastal Research Institute (CoRI) of the National Water Research Center (NWRC) to capitalize on the initiative drive of the conference steering team at Costamarine Technologies (CMT), USA, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt and the Coastal Zone Foundation (CZF), USA, towards sustainable sea & ocean solutions.
Shaden Abdel-Gawad, President of NWRC, Egypt
Nabil Ismail, International Coordinator, AASTMT, Alexandria, Egypt
Orville Magoon, CZF, USA
Ismail Mubarak, Cairo University and MWRI advisor, Egypt
Margaret Davidson, NOAA, USA
Billy Edge, Texas A&M University, USA
Kate Gooderham, ASBPA
Jim Houston, US Corps Army of Engineers
Nabil Ismail, AASTMT, Egypt
Suzana Ilic, Lancaster University, UK
Alberto Lamberti, University of Bologna, Italy
David Kriebel, US Naval Academy,MD,USA
Orville Magoon, COPRI/ ASCE
Ismail Mubarak, MWRI Advisor, Egypt
Marcel Stive, Delft University, The Netherlands
S. Jeffress Williams, USGS, USA
W.E. Bijker, Maastricht University, NL, USA
Meg Caldwell, Center for Ocean Solutions, CA, USA
Jenifer Dugan, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Ashraf El Ashail, Director, CRI, Egypt.
Ibrahim El-Shinnawy, CoRI, Egypt
A. Samer Ezeldin, American University, Egypt.
Hossam Fahmi, Director, NRI, Egypt.
Omran S. Frihy, CoRI, Egypt.
Mostafa Gawish, Ex-vice chairman, NWRC, Egypt.
Ahmed Khafagy, Ex-Director, CoRI, Egypt.
Saad Mesbah, AASTMT, Egypt.
Stephen Monismith, Stanford University, CA, USA.
A complete list of paper reviewers will be recognized at the conference, and their affiliations will be published in the conference proceedings.
Ibrahim El Shinnawy Director, CoRI
Ismail Mubarak MWRI Advisor
Ahmed Khater, Vice Chairman, NWRC
Abu Bakr Abu Zeid Vice Director, CoRI
Yasser G. A.Dessouky Ass. Dean Eng., AASTMT
Ayman El-Gamal CoRI
Essam Dabis CoRI
Hossam El-Morsi CoRI
Medhat Ali CoRI
Moheb Iskander CoRI
Morad Fahmy CoRI
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Mr. Samir Ahmed Hussein
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